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Visiting: Snowdrop week at Easton Walled Gardens

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

If there is one thing that I look forward to in the new year, it is spotting Snowdrops on my way to work. They are the first flowers to bloom and a sign that Spring is on its way.

Last February I visited Easton Walled Gardens which can be found just off the A1, north of Colsterworth, to walk their Snowdrop trail as they blossomed in their hundreds on the hillside. Open for just one full week from the Saturday 15th to Sunday 23rd of February, 11am to 4pm, and attracting well over 1,000 people to this spectacular sight, Easton Gardens is well and truly a must to visit.

The walk starts at the old gatehouse, which is where the shop is - don't forget to pop back here after your walk as they have some lovely items for sale, including bulbs of snowdrops that you can take home to plant.

As the path winds round the grounds, you can hear the birds singing their tune whilst the snowdrops accompanied by the daffodils and crocuses dance in the wind. 
It is worth knowing that whilst the top half of the garden is relatively flat, as you walk down into the lower gardens there are handrails but wheelchair users may find it tricky, but don't worry as there is plenty to see if you don't make it to the bottom half of the garden.

From the first day of the snowdrop week until Sunday 15th March, the garden's coach house will also be hosting a Botanical Art Exhibition focusing on the British Wildflowers. I would also recommend going to have a look round as they are all very talented, plus entry to the exhibition is include with your garden admission.

If there is one other thing I loved about the garden, apart from the flowers, it was just how peaceful it was and the fact that despite gardens are not everyone's cup of tea, it was great to see people of all ages enjoying a day out. Last year they made these amazing hanging snowdrop balls and I'm yet to find out how I can make one, or where I can buy some - I loved them!

Whilst the idea of taking your own lunch and a flask of a hot drink with you to sit and enjoy on your walk, the garden has a lovely tearoom situated next to their vegetable garden. Inside they offer dishes that have been made locally or onsite with their local produce grown on the grounds.

So what are you waiting for? Wrap up warm, grab your camera and head over to Easton Walled Gardens.

For more information about their Snowdrop Week, visit their website, and once you've visited let me know!

Becky Types

Photography Day at the British Wildlife Centre; Lingfield

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Whilst working at my old place of work, the Woodland Trust, I met a lovely lady Judith who would attend the events and take photos for the charity.
I was in complete awe of Judith's photos and still to this day love every single one that she takes.
As part of my leaving gift from the Woodland Trust, I was given the opportunity to attend a photography day at the British Wildlife Centre down in Lingfield, just off the M25.

Of course, I didn't want to go alone so I asked if Judith would join me.
We chose to go in July 2018 as we both agreed that the Summer would be the best time to attend, what we didn't think of is the weather and my word was it hot!

It took me three hours to drive down, no air conditioning and I didn't fancy getting burnt with the roof down on the car!

Despite the hot 26-27c temperatures it was such a wonderful day, sitting with the otters as they scurried around you. The Foxes being nosey with the camera lens and the Wildcats bathing in the sun. I would highly recommend any avid photographers, beginners or advance!

Rather than babble on, I thought I would just post a selection of the ones I took. Let me know which ones are your favourites.