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2017; Recap

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Tring Park; Illuminating the Lime Leaves

In the last few days of 2017, many people shared their highlights of the year on Instagram.
It's very easy to think, especially when a lot of negative things have happened, to think that you haven't really done much in the last twelve months. So I was pleasantly surprised while going through my phone how many positive moments actually happened and I thought I would share with you on here, as this will last longer than Instastories - but don't worry I've only included the main bits.

Working on the House
Throughout the year my dad continued to work on the house and I am still internally grateful that he did majority of the work. A full update on the house can be found here and eventually when I feel happy with each room I will do a separate post for each.
There is still a few things to do and currently my mum is making my curtains for me, but I'm just looking forward to making the house cosy and, well.. home. 

Woodland Trust Opportunities
One of the big highlights of my year were the continuous great opportunities that I had with the Woodland Trust. From summer family festivals to helping at CountryFile Live, I continued to travel the width and breadth of the UK to plan events to engage and make people aware how they could help such a worthy cause. 
However, just as I was starting to enjoy my position and really become passionate. The job was taken away from under my feet (fixed term contract and I did apply to stay with a permanent position) and I found myself applying for any job going.
Unfortunately I didn't find a job in time and I was jobless for 3 months.
I made some great friends there and throughly enjoyed my time, and maybe, just maybe, one day I will return.
At CountryFile Live

Mini breaks
As part of our 2016 Christmas present, Andy and I travelled to London to see the The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in March. We also managed to spend the day at the Tower of London, something that I can remember going to as a young girl. Oh and we also saw Dara O Briain!
May saw our one year anniversary, of being together, coming up and at first when Andy asked if I was free I thought we would be going way.  I still laugh as actually it was his cousin's birthday! However, we made a weekend of it and visited Colchester Zoo. 
Finally, in November we had a lovely festive city break in Bath after a stressful few months for myself. We originally decided that we weren't going anywhere as I was jobless and had no income coming in, but soon changed our minds. We needed a break to relax! 

 I love the colours in this photo

Finding a new Job
Not everyone can survive on savings and I had only planned that I had enough for a month. With that in mind I applied for many jobs. I had interviews in Essex, Birmingham and more local to where I currently live. Basically I wanted to continue my career in event planning and management. In October, I was finally offered a job as a Marketing Communication Assistant. It has a small part of arranging stands for the large agricultural shows, but my main responsibility is to look after the companies social media page and also their internal comms. I'm slowly learning the ways of farming while settling in but I will get there.


So, that is the bulk of what happened in this quite, slow running year. What have I learnt? Nothing to be perfectly honest, nothing at all.
However for 2018, I have already decided that I want to start doing yoga at home, once a week - do you have any recommendations on where I can start?
Ideally I wanted to go to a class but first I need money and secondly, my anxiety isn't up for it... yet.

Wishing you all the best for 2018 and hopefully I will slowly be returning to this lovely community.