April Favourites

Saturday, May 05, 2018

April has to be one of my favourite months, not just because it's my birthday but because it's the start of spring — well should be, as I write this it feels like -2 and is currently raining cats and dogs!

But in all seriousness, April has been a wonderful month for blog posts, especially when I've been returning from a break of over two years.  A part of what encouraged me to return, was the amount of posts out there that give you tips on improving your small space of the internet.

I thought I would compile my favourites for this month's favourites.

How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level; Lauzrah
This was just one of the posts that made me open up Blogger and really sit down to write. I needed to take my blog to the next level and this included buying my own domain. If I was going to get serious about BeckyTypes then so did my domain.

Time-Saving Tips For Bloggers; Lauzrah
Another brilliant post by Laura, this time she shares her time saving tips for blogging. From keeping an editorial calendar (which I'm still trying to get to grips with) to putting together a system that works for you, which I actually feel I have got down to a fine art and never feel pressured to write a post each week.

Sort your SEO 5 day email challenge; Jasmin Charlotte
If it wasn't for Emmie at Carpe Diem Emmie, I don't think I would've come across Jasmin and her blog post about her SEO Challenge.
Covering five days, you are sent daily emails which educates and helps you improve your SEO on your blog.
Obviously you won't see results straight away but I found the steps so easy to follow and liked how they were cut down in small chunks.
Jasmine also has many posts to read up on from more blogging tips and my absolute favourite topic, travel.

How To Pitch to PR For Brands Collaborations; Beth Sandland
I must say that this is really the perfect post to read when you feel that you're ready to take the second next step and approach brands for collaborations. I haven't yet plucked up the courage, I get as far as writing the email and then pressing save.
But one day it will happen and it will be down to Beth's post that has helped me.
She even gives you help on building relationships, writing the emails and making sure that you know your audience.

Carpe Diem Emmie;
Ok, ok so when I am trying to research blog based posts, I will always get distracted - who doesn't?!
The blog posts that I have been really enjoy reading is Emmie over at Carpe Diem Emmie.
There really is too many to choose from but I managed it, see if you can see a theme here...

Burleigh's Gin Distillery Tour - If I went on that tour, I'm pretty sure I would find myself bathing in the 450 litre Copper Pot, also look at the colour of the different bottles!

Flavourless Craft Gin Club - So if I wasn't living on a tight budget I would most definitely be signing up for this! A subscription box where you get sent gin, er yes please!

Gin Festival 2017 - This made me want to go to the next Gin Festival in my area, but I feel I may need a hotel when I do!

So these are the blog posts that I've really enjoyed reading, you may notice that they may have not been written in April, but so what they're still relevant and interesting to read.
Make sure you visit these bloggers and show them some love on their posts!

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