2016; A Recap

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Well, what a year.  What a year indeed!
Anyone else want to put 2016 to the back of the closet and never speak of it again, along with any fashion faux pa's.
It's amazing how quickly this year has flown by, blink and you'l miss it. So much has happened in the world, good or bad (depending on how you see it) and so many deaths as well. Feels like it was yesterday I was belting out Bowie's hits in my car on the way home from work.

This year I have been a bit quiet and really not blogged - in fact I posted twice. Twice!
So here is my quick re-cap of 2016 in my little bubble.

New Dog
Back in April we rescued Tilly (other names include Tilly the Terror, Raccoon and others which are best said after watershed!) from the Dogs Trust.  She was to keep Digby company and give Badger (the eldest dog) a rest from getting constantly harassed to play games. She has settle in well and continues to collect things, like a fluffy version of a magpie.

New Job
On May 23rd I started a new job with the Woodland Trust. I am now an Events Officer and look after 14 counties by putting on events to engage with the public and get them outdoors. I am absolutely loving this role and it means I get to go out and visit the local woods. My favourite moment so far has to be making an 'emergency' shelter in an Ancient Woodland and trying to sleep while an owl was sitting in a nearby tree, hooting. So surreal!

New Relationship
I decided that this year I was going to take the plunge and actually go out and meet someone. What I didn't expect was to find myself on a dating website and within a week of joining I was talking to Andy.
Seven months later and things are all good.  We've visited places such as the Shard, York, Hunstanton and we have so many more things planned in the Summer.  I am so happy and enjoy spending time with him. Andy is also very supportive with things that I want to achieve, photography, the website even this blog.  What I am really happy about is that I never saw myself having the confidence to join a dating website and meeting new people, it's completely out of my comfort zone but I am really glad I did.

Saying Goodbye
This came to a shock to the whole family and we still don't talk about it as much. In August we said our goodbyes to our much loved horse, Thomas. He had been with the family for about 20 years and became part of the family, a large garden ornament. He is still missed and very much irreplaceable.

New House
I've heard the saying that bad things happen in threes, but what about good things?!
Soon after starting a new job and meeting Andy, I came across a cute house in a village on my commute to work. Within six weeks of seeing the property I became a home owner, an actual home owner! It's a scary thought but equally exciting!

So despite a few step backs, 2016 has been OK with me. I'm ready to pack 2016 away and see what 2017 has to offer me, just hope it doesn't go so quickly.
In previous years I would set myself accomplishments which some where completed and others not so, but for the new year I just want to see how it goes... maybe I'll get round to publishing the website..

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  1. So much happened for you in 2016. The year itself with all the celebs dying, and all the politics weren't great, but the year generally seemed to go pretty well for you. I'm so pleased to see everything has gone well! I'm sorry to hear about your horse though.

    Katie | silverglowx.com

    1. Hi Katie, thank you so much for your comment and I'm sorry it has taken me literally a year to reply - unfortunately blogger never told me!
      But you're right, 2016 was a pretty impressive year for myself, let's hope that 2018 has the same turn out! x