A to Z

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Seeing as this is a new blog, it only feels right to just post an A to Z of me rather than a long post.

A - Autumn, my absolutely favourite month when you can light the fire, curl up on the sofa with a good cup of tea.

B - Books; paper or digital, I love a good book and will read anything.

C - Cats; I like to imagine myself living with at least 10 cats in my house but alas there are people out there trying to stop me.

D - Duvet; I think I'm the only one with a 14 tog four season duvet and I am so snug in it.

E - Events; Is what I studied and I will always love them.

F - Films; Anything from RomCom or Chick Flick and I will watch it, over and over again.

G - Gin and Tonic is the only alcoholic drink I will consume, that is if I want to. I'm not a heavy drinker.

H - History; But only the fun facts and gory details. If I could transport to any era I would want to go back to the Victorians. Heart of innovation.

I - Idea; I currently have an idea to build a website for all brides-to-be which is in progress... still.

J - Jaffa Cakes; Which I could just eat and eat and eat. I actually count down to December so I have an excuse to buy the metre long tubes!

K - Kind; one of the words I like to think people describe me as.

L - Language by Porter Robinson; One track that gets me smiling on a daily basis.

M - Moist; the one word I dislike... I even pulled a face writing it..

N - Nissan Micra; I love my car which is also a convertible and I've been known to have the roof down in October.

O - Onsie; Yup I'll admit I have one and it's the most fluffiest and cosiest thing out there!

P - Photography; I am not amazing at it but I love the photos I take on my Canon.

Q - Quintessential; strange but lovely word.

R - Rebecca; Not a name I answer to, but please call me anything else. Becky, Becs, Rebs, Oi and Whatsit. Which I probably answer too.

S - Social Anxiety; Important to have capitals and yes I suffer from it, but I am not being beaten by it.

T - Tea! English, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Mint. I adore a cup of tea, even on a boiling hot day.

U - Unfortunately; is the only thing I can of for this one. It's the only word I have to physically divide into when spelling it. Un - For - Tuna - Tely.

V - Video games; I admit I love a video games, i'm not amazing but I try my best.

W - Work; I currently work for the Woodland Trust and absolutely love it!

X - eXcited for what's to come in 2017.

Z - Zoella; Many may not agree but I really do aspire to her.

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