First Spa Day: My Top 6 Tips

Saturday, April 07, 2018

A spa day.
A well deserved, in my case, relaxing day. A whole day to sit back and let someone push the knots out of your back. No stress, no interruptions.

However, when you haven't been to a spa day before, i.e. me,  you end up stressing prior to going because you have absolutely no idea what to expect or take.
So you end up turning to your good friend, Google. You know that despite you being in your 20's, the internet won't know that this is your first time. It won't judge you, but my God was it useless!

I searched for absolutely hours, nothing.
In the end I turned to someone I trusted and knew, who had been to spa.

Once I had gotten over the initial nerves, which was helped by the copious free servings of mint tea (this is the only tea I know which calms me right down) it was such a lovely experience.

In all honesty, when we arrived it wasn't as bad as I thought but while lying on the bed it made me think. Let's make a list of everything I wanted to know, to help others and put them at ease.

What to wear
This was the first on my mind and actually it's quite easy.
A swimming costume or bikini will do, as long as your comfortable and you're given a robe when you arrive. You will need some flip-flops or sandals to walk around the building, and some places sell these if you don't have any.
I noticed some people had a spare costume to change into, which I would highly recommend. You don't want to be lying in a wet costume on a massage table.

Don't take a big bag
Because I had no idea before hand what to take and I also had this brilliant idea that I would go to the gym, I took a huge bag with me.
This wasn't a problem for me as I like to be prepared for all eventualities, but what I did't think about where the locker sizes.
Imagine, a huge bag (one you would use for an overnight stay) stuffed, along with boots, a big handbag and my coat and scarf... I felt like I was stuffing a sleeping bag into a small hole. Playing Tetris with my things.
So, do think about what you will need and pack light and small!

Do a tour of the Spa.
You may not want to do this when you first arrive. You just want to get into the day, but I would highly recommend this especially if you've never been to the spa before.
This was an option for us but we didn't go for it nor was it offered on our arrival. However, just as we were leaving our last treatment, the therapist pointed out an area of the Spa we didn't even know existed! We were honestly gutted as it had heated pool beds, warmth!
Take that quick tour so you can get the most out of your day.

Stay hydrated
This may sound like an obvious one, but it is so easy to lose track of how much you drink especially in between treatments.
When you go from sauna to pool to treatment, your body is losing a lot of water due to the sweating.
Yuck I know, but it's good to sweat!
Some spas will have water available, maybe even some fruit tea and water on hand but take a water bottle with you.
We noticed that the water coolers in the spa where incredibly warm and not refreshing in the slightest.

Take a book
In between treatments, this is your time to relax even more.
Leave your phones locked away in your bag and take a book or a magazine. Something to take your mind into another world.
I've been struggling to get back into reading recently and I knew that if I had time by the pool, I would use this time to read.

Stay over
When you find out you have to be at the hotel for 9am, it's a good idea to book a stay the night before especially if you have a long way to travel.
I would also recommend seeing if you can stay either at the spa or locally. When you're that relaxed, you will feel incredibly tired as well as refreshed. Also, if you're a resident you can stay long in the pool!

Well, that's all that I have to share.
Now that I have been and experienced a spa, I would love to go back and I feel that I now will be more prepared for it.
I hope you found this useful, do you have any tips for a spa day? I would love to hear them!

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  1. This is so handy! I've been to a spa once, I didn't even think to bring my hair brush, big mistake there as there was pool...

    Sophie -

  2. This is a great post! I really want to treat myself to a spa day soon and all these tips are super helpful :) I'd never thought of the wet swimsuit situation or the flip flops to be honest haha thanks for sharing!